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Hi friends and welcome! I'm Lisa, a wife and mom all about faith, food and feathering our family nest. Here at Modern Hen Home, I share simple, sometimes old-fashioned recipes, easy crafts and DIY. Painting relaxes me and hunting flea-markets is my favorite past time. Stop by for a visit, leave me a message, then let's connect on facebook!

Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


Picture 2


I love roasted pumpkin seeds, don’t you?

They remind me of fun I had as a kid — especially this one chilly fall day.

My auntshe was young, too…

…maybe 14 and super cool!

She showed me and my little sister how to carve a pumpkin and scoop the seeds out.


Picture 4


Then we picked the inside strings from each one and plopped the seeds in a bowl.

They were icky and gooey…

…but she made the whole thing fun. Continue reading

6 Easy & Delicious Soups {& Why It’s OK To Do Dingy Things}

Picture 1

Old-Fashioned Beef Barley

I must admit… sometimes I do dingy things.

Those who know me well, and still love me, will tell you this is true. They’ve seen it first-hand.

For example, this one evening my family and our friends were sitting around the campfire talking, laughing, telling stories all while stoking the flames for roasting smores after the sun went down.

The warm aroma of soup in a crock pot filled the crisp, autumn air and as we sat in our big circle there was laughter and kids playing tic tac toe toss behind us and we were having so much fun telling stories to one another.

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Vintage Vanity Stool Makeover {And A Love Story!}


Picture 4

Do you remember my dear friend, Mr. Gene?

I mentioned him here in this post.

He was a sweet fella who wore debonair hats and plaid jackets every single day. I never saw him in a pair of blue jeans.

Not even once.

He was classy and sophisticated but in a simple kind of way. He loved horses and his country and served in World War II.


Picture 2

I’ll never forget the smile on his face when I asked him how he met his wife Ms. Jean (spelled with a J).

While strolling around an outdoor ice skating rink one evening they collided.

Smack dab in the middle of hundreds of other skaters whizzing by they fell… literally.

And he was smitten.

Just like a scene from an old black and white movie.

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Old-Fashioned Beef Barley Soup {& Growing Up 1970s}

Picture 2

Growing up in the 70s in Michigan was a blast!

My sisters and I practically lived outside.

But on occasion, like when 12 feet of blowing snow leaned against the front door of our brick ranch home, we relied on board games like Clue and Trouble to entertain us for hours on end.

And then there were those days when Mom and Dad left us home for a bit and we had the house all to ourselves.

Those were the times when we would make the best stuff up.  

Like this one crazy game of hide-and-seek mixed with tag.

It made us famous in our neighborhood. Continue reading

Hearty Split Pea & Ham Soup


Picture 1

Last week was one of those weeks.

A slightly frenzied, up and down, going in circles until I was dizzy kind of week — discombobulated…

Thankfully, the side effects didn’t last long.

Have you had a week like that recently?

One you might compare to a roller coaster ride that zips off before you can catch your breath…

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Life Lessons from Joshua ….chapter 7

God Lessons from Joshua by my friend and fellow Christian blogger, SpiritDee. Enjoy!

More than words

This has been a long journey for me….I am now wrapping up Joshua and getting ready to move to Judges. However my Joshua posts have been irregular. I will be posting them regularly now so that I can focus on my next personal study.

LESSON #1: What I do affects my whole family

LESSON #2: When I take something that doesn’t belong to me, I have act unfaithfully.

LESSON #3: It is very important to pray before I proceed with any project .

LESSON #4: I must always be closely attuned to the Holy Spirit .

LESSON #5: The cost of disobedience is always high.

LESSON #6: I am very weak without His strength in my life.

LESSON #7: I open ourselves up to judgment when I am disobedient.

LESSON #8: The eye will always see , the heart will always desire, but I do not have to take.

LESSON #9: There will be no victory until I deal…

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