My Pottery Barn No Sew Mummy Pillow Knockoff – {He’s Sneaky, But Don’t Be Scared}

No Sew Mummy 2

He’s a tricky one…

this mummy is…

… he shows up in odd places.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow

Does he look familiar? Maybe you have seen him before?

Picture 2

He hangs around, even upside down… then tries to disappear.

His great big eyes always give him away.

No Sew Mummy 4:with plate

Sometimes he lingers in the kitchen…

… then vanishes when others are called to dinner.

No Sew Mummy:5

He is crafty and favors white pumpkins, too…

No Sew Mummy 3

He is a bit shy

 … but can warm the chill of an autumn afternoon.

… He brings a smile to all who greet him.

Maybe you would like a mummy just like him?

Here is what you will need–

one small throw pillow insert {found at craft stores}

white cotton remnant fabric, or similar for bandages

set of plastic stick-on eyes, or black marker

a safety pin or two

a good dose of mummy love

Cut fabric into a long strip, approximately 2 or 3 inches wide. Remove threads for a frayed edge to your strips like the Pottery Barn example if you like. (I chose not to.) Starting at the top begin wrapping the fabric, allowing space for the eyes to peak through. Continue bandaging until you reach the bottom, then tuck in or pin to the back and secure. Hold eyes in place to find his best gaze, then peel the backing and stick. Cut away any tape tabs from the stick-ons. For permanent eyes, pencil in shapes similar to those in the PB mummy then trace with a marker. Tie a headband on if you like, or maybe not — you decide. Keep it simple and enjoy!

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