Modern Hen Classic Kitchen Reveal

I love before and afters, don’t you?

It’s so much fun to see what a room looked like once upon a time and then in mere seconds… wallah! The Big Reveal.

Out with the old in with the new.

Just. Like. That.

Speaking of makeovers, I hope you’re in the mood to browse the big changes in our kitchen.   Let’s start with the way things looked before.

Picture 1

Our maple cabinets were adorned with pewter birdcage knobs. Super cute at one time, but those little cages collect dirt and grease and are frustrating to clean.

They sold like hot cakes on Ebay.

Picture 12

In one corner we had a built-in breadbox taking up a lot of counter space. The walls were green and a mishmash of browns filled the room. Each surface seemed to blend into the next.

Painting the cabinets was a difficult decision for me to make. I agonized over it for a long time but ultimately my dream of having a classic white kitchen won out.

So one morning while still in my fluffy slippers with a cup of coffee in my hand I got a hair and decided to remove a few cabinet doors and lightly sand them.

Yep, got a hair and jumped in.

Picture 23


Let’s back up…

Remember months ago when I painted the center island as a test? I was tickled at how it turned out which made committing to the other 35 gazillion doors and drawers a little easier. Still, it was a huge project to tackle and I put off finishing the rest of the kitchen for a few months.

But after the first coat of white paint went on the upper cabinets I knew the right decision had been made. The whole room began to brighten and I loved the vibe I was getting from the lighter feel of the space.

Oh, happy day!

{Irish Celtic dance here}

Picture 24

Once the cabinets were painted and the walls given a fresh coat of gray paint a friend added crown molding to the ceiling and center island for us.

Crown molding rocks!

Adding this decorative element was like having an interior designer fairy step in wave a magic wand and finish the room. It looked complete.

Picture 25

With the savings from painting the cabinets myself we had granite and soapstone countertops installed. They make chopping, cooking and cleaning enjoyable.

The creamy subway tile has a slight crackle finish. When I finally found it I was exhausted driving from store to store looking for one I liked. I didn’t want to pay a hefty price or have to custom order and then wait for it to arrive. The family owned tile store I happened upon had plenty in stock and the price was very affordable. Shopping around and buying local from a smaller store paid off.

White neutralized all the shadows and  brown tones in the old kitchen and opened up the room giving it that light, airy feel I hoped for.

Before and After 

Picture 19

And one more for the road…



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