Our Dog’s Liver Shunt Journey {Will It Ever End?}

Picture 1

Meet Toby…

Wow! What a week it was at our house…

One I hope we don’t have to repeat anytime soon.

It had nearly everything to do with our schnauzer Toby…

…out sweet little fella we are kind of crazy about.

The other morning I noticed he didn’t seem quite right.

His tail wagged then faded fast when I met him at the bottom of the staircase.

So, my husband took him outside and within seconds he yelled to me that something was terribly wrong….

…Toby threw up, fell over and couldn’t move.

We got him to our vet who determined he had a blockage in his urethra.

He made Toby more comfortable and sent us to a specialty hospital an hour-and-a-half away.

We had been there several times before.

Once we arrived at the facility, they quickly determined he needed emergency surgery to remove a stone.

This was his third surgery and he isn’t even three-years-old — all stemming from a liver shunt he was born with.

An anomaly.

An “oddity, peculiarity, abnormality” that developed while in his mother’s womb.

Something that took more than a year and many vet appointments, medicines and a second surgery to figure out

A total bummer.

Welcome this week…

Toby had his surgery and we are happy to have him home.

Was it successful? 

Only time will tell.

We thought his first two surgeries would do the trick, yet that was not the case.

Today he is wearing a toddler’s pull-up until the incisions heal … and occasionally paddles to the kitchen for a treat.

He’s slowly recovering.

He’s even back to wagging his tail.

His body is weak, but his spirit is willing.

He’s our trooper.

And we thank The Lord.

There is much more to Toby’s story — it has been a rough journey for our little guy — and I plan to share more details soon.

In the meantime, if your dog is going through this, please feel free to ask me any questions. I am happy to try and help.



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  2. mycolby says:

    Mr. Colby September while on vacation developed a complete blockage of his urinary tract and was unable to pee! We rushed him straight back the 2 1/2 hours to home where it was determined he needed surgery to remove stones in his bladder! After they were tested we found that they were urate stones. We was then tested for a liver shunt. Yes he had one. So he was put on Hills u/t food. He didn’t really like it but ate it for three months and seemed to be doing ok. Around New Years Colby got very sick stopped eating and had a bad infection (not sure where), high fever 103.5. He was put on twice a day for 14 days. This was a very had time for us!! We thought we were going to loose our boy!!! He would eat only a bit and I began cooking everything and trying to get him to eat anything!! This went on for three weeks. He ate a little and our vet put him on lactose, and a multi vitamin. It seems to be working Colby will now eat a bit of Blue buffalo canned food and done of his old Hills food small bits light. We have had done good days and some bad… Any suggestions would be great!! Colby is 9 and the light of our life!!


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