Life Lessons from Joshua ….chapter 7

God Lessons from Joshua by my friend and fellow Christian blogger, SpiritDee. Enjoy!

More than words

This has been a long journey for me….I am now wrapping up Joshua and getting ready to move to Judges. However my Joshua posts have been irregular. I will be posting them regularly now so that I can focus on my next personal study.

LESSON #1: What I do affects my whole family

LESSON #2: When I take something that doesn’t belong to me, I have act unfaithfully.

LESSON #3: It is very important to pray before I proceed with any project .

LESSON #4: I must always be closely attuned to the Holy Spirit .

LESSON #5: The cost of disobedience is always high.

LESSON #6: I am very weak without His strength in my life.

LESSON #7: I open ourselves up to judgment when I am disobedient.

LESSON #8: The eye will always see , the heart will always desire, but I do not have to take.

LESSON #9: There will be no victory until I deal…

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