Before & After Painted Vintage Side Tables


A little elbow grease goes a long way on vintage side tables given to me by my dear friend Gene from his estate sale last summer. I’m guessing they’re from the 1950s/60s based on what he shared with me over the years about his traditional home decor.  Mr. Gene, as my sons affectionately called him, also gifted me with two picnic bench seats I added seating to and shared more about in this post here and here.


Both tables were in good shape overall as you can see from these photos post-sanding. Some of the trim was loose and needed gluing and patching.


Vintage table hardware

After cleaning and priming I painted the tables with three coats of leftover creamy white paint I already had then sanded and cleaned the hardware.

White table-1






So glad I kept the ring pulls instead of filling in the holes like I had originally considered doing. Loving their bling!


So that’s it — a little before and after of an oldie but goodie all dressed up and looking classy.



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