DIY Monogram Framed Art

These two pink button monograms below are so cute for a nursery or little girl’s room. The “E” button appears sewn onto the fabric. Buttons in blue would make a sweet statement in a baby boy’s room, too. What nice gifts either would be for an expectant mother’s baby shower.



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Both of these framed monograms inspired my “J” art. I decided to go with a blue monogram and use small beads instead of buttons, along with a rustic frame, so that it will work in almost any room in our house.   image

Here are the supplies you will need to make the bead version:

Frame (mine is 11×13)

Osnaburg fabric (or fabric of choice) to cover the back of the frame

Bag of beads or buttons (Hobby Lobby had pink and black bags of buttons)

Hot glue gun

Monogram letter cut-out to trace  (I printed the “J” from

Pencil or chalk for tracing

Directions: Secure fabric to back of frame with hot glue gun (staples will show through). Center your cut-out letter within frame and trace lightly. Using the hot glue gun, work in small sections laying down glue and sprinkling on the beads, pressing them in with a scrap piece of fabric or cardboard to avoid burning your fingertips. Allow beads to dry, then smooth over with fingers to remove loose beads and reset with dollops of glue.


Monograms personalize a room. They look especially nice within a collage of other photos and art displayed together on one wall. This is a fun and inexpensive project I think you will enjoy making as much as I did.

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Many blessings, Lisa


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