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Sofa Slipcovers Made From Drop Cloths

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When I was growing up in the 1970s my sisters and I played in every room of our house — especially the living room.

With four girls running from room-to-room then plopping on the sofa at the end of each chase, we put a lot of wear on the comfiest piece of furniture in our house.

Mom said our home was lived in — no museum care taking or plastic covers over our green floral couch.  She was easy-going about things like that.

Of course back then when we were making forts in the living room with cushions, Mom didn’t know washable canvas slip covers could be sewn from painter’s drop cloths or I’m pretty sure she would have made them.

Now that I have my family, I know how much work it is to keep our home looking tidy. We like to lounge, watch movies, eat buttery popcorn, read and wrestle with the dog on our couch, too. Or as my grandma used to call it… the davenport.

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Some of My Favorite Thrifty Finds

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I love the thrill of a good thrifted find. Some of my favorites have been picked up during a quick drop into Goodwill or a garage sale while running errands. It’s fun to change out accessories on tabletops and shelves when the mood strikes, so I’m always on the lookout for unique and inexpensive things I can rotate in a vignette.  And it’s amazing how a $2 bauble can make a room feel like new… much easier than rearranging furniture.  Cheaper than a maid, too!  (Not that I have one, or that there’s anything wrong with having one.) I’ve been inspired to clean our whole house just by plopping down a used tiny statuette in the middle of the coffee table.

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10 Lovely Chalkboards & A Makeover

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Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest

I have wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen for a long time and never got around to making one until this past week. Pinterest has great inspiration ideas for crafts and these chalkboards are just a few of the neat designs I found there.


Picture 2

This decade old seashore canvas has been sitting in the back of a closet for a few months and I really like the frame, so I decided to use it and make the chalkboard. The original plan was to buy a piece of wood and cut it to fit then cover it with paint. But while browsing supplies at Hobby Lobby I saw a plain framed chalkboard that cost about $5 after a 40% discount — less than what a can of paint and a wood board would have been — so I bought it.  My husband cut it to fit the frame then tacked it in with small nails. I switched the wire on the back to hang it vertically and a piece of chalk lays on top in a shallow divot in the frame. Ta da! Project finished!


Picture 6


The old frame is working out great as my fun, new chalkboard and was much easier to make than I thought it would be.



Lara Spencer’s New Book “Flea Market Fabulous” Debuts


Book Review Update:  This is a gorgeous book with big, bold, colorfully detailed photos on every page. Lara doesn’t disappoint readers with varying tastes either.  Not only does she showcase many design styles in her stunning real-life rooms, but she gives readers plenty of captions, tips, and fixes we can use right now. Throughout the pages she has sprinkled helpful advice from professional designers who weigh-in on how they create beautiful homes, too. Lara also shares her design dilemmas for each project and then walks readers through her process for solving them. And her mood boards are amazing and fun to see! And just like she did in her first book, she tells readers what she paid for her flea-market finds then shows us the reveal on how she used them in each stunning room. Lara has written another fantastic book that readers will refer to again and again! It’s perfect for anyone who loves to decorate, but especially inspiring for those of us who love to  do it on a budget and with our fabulous flea-market finds! Love it! Continue reading

10 Frugal Ways To Love Your Home Again


Even before spring arrives I begin making changes around our house in anticipation of sunnier, warmer weather. It’s also my way of pushing ahead to the next season, even though it may be weeks before it’s officially on the calendar.  I’m ready for change to take place around our home after a long winter.

A couple I know have recently become disenchanted with their home. After decades spent in the same house boredom has set in. They are wondering if it’s time to sell and look for a new house that will bring them excitement and contentment again.

I have felt like that way, and when I do I know it is time to stoke the home fires and spiff things up a bit.  Here are a few frugal-minded, simple changes to consider before making any rash selling or moving decisions:


Lighten the feel and get rid of clutter.  Grab a storage box and tackle every room in your home to get rid of unwanted clutter.  Collect out of season items and pieces you’re tired of and donate, repurpose or sell. Clear tables, shelves, counters and floors to see each room with fresh eyes. Decide if less is more in each room. Editing is often the only change needed to freshen a space.

Shop your home. Add character to your home with what you already have. Sort through your decor and visualize it in a new way or place in your home. Consider the season. Layer lighter items in a soft color pallette for spring and summer and strive for an airy, fresh appearance. Bring out heavier, darker items for the cooler months to add warmth.  If you see too many black or brown accessories consider painting them white or cream to bring in light. But don’t take away all the black. Black or dark items ground a room, so be sure to keep at least a few to avoid a stark white room. Add a green houseplant to the living room and/or kitchen.

Rearrange furniture. Move sofas, chairs, tables and area rugs to a new position for an instant change. Group pieces together in a different combination for a whole new feel.



Exchange furniture and accessories.  Interchange pieces in an unexpected way. Add a dresser and mirror to your hall or entryway. Trade lamps and throw pillows between the bedroom and living room. Gather framed photos from around the house and corral on one wall as for a gallery collection (I have quite a few on my Pinterest “Gallery” board if you would like inspiration ideas). Create a different purpose for jars, stools, baskets and other accessories.  You can see how I repurposed an old picnic bench into upholstered seating here. Determine if you want to energize or relax a room by how your family spends time there.


Borrow art from the library. Yes, from the library! Our local library offers art for rent and other art for purchase. Beautiful paintings and sketches crafted by local artists are usually available to patrons at most libraries.



Make a trade. If you have a friend or close relative who enjoys decorating on a budget too, ask if she would like to make a trade.  My sister and I have done this several times and it has worked great!  Another fun idea is to host a swap meet with friends and trade or exchange stuff you no longer want.

Use up old paint.  If you’re like me, you probably have several gallons or cans of old paint sitting in storage. Use them to update a tired piece of furniture, accessory, or to make a wall statement. Mix small batches together to customize a shade you like. Purchase inexpensive samples sold at stores like Lowe’s and blend with leftover paint to make a new hue.



Copy designers and catalogs. Browse home decor books written by popular designers. View websites like HOUZZ or Pinterest and peruse home magazines for inspiration. Catalogs from stores like Pottery Barn are free to keep and packed with decorating ideas to emulate.  You don’t have to make a purchase to satisfy your craving for change, instead enjoy what you have in an updated way inspired by the professionals.


Create vignettes for big impact.  According to the dictionary: “A vignette is a brief, but powerful scene. A good vignette leaves you wanting more.” This is the perfect explanation for juxtaposing accessories in an interesting and off-beat way. Rotating frames, children’s art, and other collectibles in small doses instead of putting everything out at once lessens clutter and draws the eye to what you really want to showcase in your ensemble or vignette.


Contrast color and texture.  Try adding a nubby, knitted throw blanket to the back of a solid fabric sofa or chair. A patterned or grass-woven area rug gives dimension to wood floors. Place a shiny ceramic jar next to a muted clay pot. Mix antiques with modern pieces for playful tension. A room with too much texture can look busy and heavy; too many solids and similar tones can appear blah and boring. Vary your textures through fabrics, throw pillows, curtains, area rugs, accessories, frames, pots and baskets.


Because we are human, phases of boredom and discontentment will probably always come and go — even in a brand new house. But by making budget-friendly and smart changes, we can take a fresh look at our homes and see them as a blessing to enjoy once again.


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