Some of My Favorite Thrifty Finds

Picture 11

I love the thrill of a good thrifted find. Some of my favorites have been picked up during a quick drop into Goodwill or a garage sale while running errands. It’s fun to change out accessories on tabletops and shelves when the mood strikes, so I’m always on the lookout for unique and inexpensive things I can rotate in a vignette.  And it’s amazing how a $2 bauble can make a room feel like new… much easier than rearranging furniture.  Cheaper than a maid, too!  (Not that I have one, or that there’s anything wrong with having one.) I’ve been inspired to clean our whole house just by plopping down a used tiny statuette in the middle of the coffee table.


Take this guy for instance…

Picture 11

His long ears, chiseled shape and carved detail had me at hello. He was waiting for me at Goodwill for only two bucks and I couldn’t leave without him. He’s no lightweight either. This hound is heavy and made from dark, midnight blue solid stone.


Picture 11

These round spheres are from a garage sale and I love their neutral tones and texture. I had a moment of should I or shouldn’t I?, but 25 cents each cleared that up quickly and I brought them home. Part of their entertainment will be deciding how to use them.


Picture 12

These tiny salt and pepper shakers were in a locked glass case at an antiques store. There were many exciting things to look at in that shop, so I glazed over the pair with my eyes making a mental note to visit them before we left. Very petite and almost too small to actually use, but adorable nonetheless. They were $12 for the set. Good price? I don’t know, but their whimsy makes me smile and I’m happy to have them.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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