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Subtle Decorating for Autumn

Picture 4

It sure has been hectic around our house.

That’s why I am easing into fall with just a few decorating changes. I like to slowly transform our home by pulling in colors that mimic what’s happening naturally outdoors by using items I already own.

We still have a lot of green happening outside, which I love, but now and then I catch a glimpse of yellow and orange in the trees.  The sun seems brighter and it certainly feels like fall is just ahead.

In the photo of the magnolia wreath above, you can see the faded green leaves contrast nicely against the warm suede tones peaking from the rear. Although it’s been hanging on my office door all summer, I think it will look great for autumn, so I’m moving it downstairs.

I also like to layer with wood trays, earthy toned candles, and brass candlesticks. Subtle changes like these add to the room’s coziness, without being heavy. This works well since we’re still having plenty of hot days, yet cooler evenings.

Vignettes need texture to contrast with smooth and glossy pieces to keep the display interesting. And as you can see, for every shiny vase, tray or planter I have included an item with a rougher texture, like the leafy green succulent and sphere ball above, and the white floral, tiny clay bowl and bird’s nest in the photo below.

Picture 9

Mixing warm and cool colors.

My favorite pop of color is cool blue. It works really well with autumn’s warm oranges, burgundy and browns. It’s an inviting, friendly shade that most people feel drawn to. Think of a pair of denim jeans. They’re comfortable, casual and seem to go with everything.  They’re also relaxing, which I think blue is too, so I try to have a shade of it in every room — all year-long.

And that’s what I’ve done these last few weeks since the kids have gone back to school — dusting, bring in warmer colors, rotating and reusing pieces I already have.





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