10 Lovely Chalkboards & A Makeover

Picture 8

Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest

Photos from Pinterest

I have wanted a chalkboard in my kitchen for a long time and never got around to making one until this past week. Pinterest has great inspiration ideas for crafts and these chalkboards are just a few of the neat designs I found there.


Picture 2

This decade old seashore canvas has been sitting in the back of a closet for a few months and I really like the frame, so I decided to use it and make the chalkboard. The original plan was to buy a piece of wood and cut it to fit then cover it with paint. But while browsing supplies at Hobby Lobby I saw a plain framed chalkboard that cost about $5 after a 40% discount — less than what a can of paint and a wood board would have been — so I bought it.  My husband cut it to fit the frame then tacked it in with small nails. I switched the wire on the back to hang it vertically and a piece of chalk lays on top in a shallow divot in the frame. Ta da! Project finished!


Picture 6


The old frame is working out great as my fun, new chalkboard and was much easier to make than I thought it would be.



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