Save Time With Early Morning Freezer Pancakes


The other morning before school my two teenagers notified me they had nothing to eat for breakfast. Well, we had oat and nut cereal, fresh fruit, and yogurt but that’s not what they had in mind, nor the usual fare they prefer. I had forgotten to pick up frozen waffles when I was at the grocery store. But we did have a half bag of multigrain pancake mix in the cupboard I had been meaning to use up. So I made a bowl of batter and “magically” whipped up two plates of warm flapjacks they devoured before skipping walking off to the bus stop.

With quite a bit of batter left I went ahead and made the rest and decided to freeze them. I’ve never frozen pancakes before and wasn’t sure how they would taste reheated. Once they cooled I stacked each between parchment paper squares and sealed them in a plastic storage bag. The next morning the boys warmed a few in the microwave and gobbled them up once again. Not a complaint. I skipped, coffee cup in hand.


So while I don’t have a fancy recipe or anything for this post, I wanted to share with you that leftover pancakes do freeze well, heat up nicely, and help keep early mornings running smoothly.


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  1. SpiritDee says:

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    My daughter has recently developed a love for pancakes….so I have had to learn to make them. This will help very much.


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