10 Lovely Things: Sweet Shop Party Ideas

I recently went to a family celebration and was intrigued by the host’s unique way of thanking guests for attending by offering a beautifully decorated candy table.  Large glass jars and huge bowls were filled with an assortment of popular old-fashioned and current sweets. Gorgeous vases were brimming with colorful hard candies, chocolates, and licorices. There was something special for just about everyone to enjoy!

The whole experience reminded me of my childhood and the penny candy store I used to ride my bike to visit. I couldn’t wait for the cashier to fill a brown paper bag to the top with pieces of my favorite candies from inside the glass case.  My mouth waters just thinking about it!


Dum Dums looking regal in a tall and fancy glass.

Anywhoo… back to the real world and a little Pinterest sweet shop party idea inspiration! At this particular event the kids went crazy filling pink and white striped bags with silver scoops of sugary, edible souvenirs.  Even the adults got into it and grabbed a bag or two for filling up. It was so much fun choosing whatever I liked, but just as much fun watching guests smile, laugh, oooh and aaah while handpicking their favorites.

I remember getting swirled lollipops like these as a gift or on special occasions when I was a kid. They remind me of the game Candy Land and the movie “The Wizard of Oz” with scenes of the Munchkins and the yellow brick road.

The retro and old-fashioned motifs are sheer fun and I love how they attract the mature guests as well as the little ones. Many of the guests at the party were excited to find candies they hadn’t seen since their youth, and the younger kids were intrigued with seeing some of them for their first time.

imageThis photo reminds me of a 1950’s soda shop and is a great idea for an ice cream social.



Colorful cake and marshmallow “suckers” rolled in sparkly sugar and confetti sprinkles make for delicious treats and look so beautiful on a table.


I think most young girls who would love to open a gift box with a candy necklace or receive a jewelry tree filled with strands of them, too!

I love this fireman theme. It could easily be adapted to a farmer or favorite character from a children’s book or movie.


Such a pretty display of colorful confectionary and clever use of glass containers, bowls and covered cake display. So fun!

With the variety of candies and beautiful apothecary jars available, along with the invention of Pinterest, my imagination runs wild with candy shop party idea possibilities! How about you?



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