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10 Lovely Family Porches

Have you noticed the variety of porches trending all over the internet and inside magazines lately? The best porches beckon visitors, and I sure would enjoy dropping by a few that have caught my eye lately. Some remind me of homes I’ve enjoyed being a guest in and others evoke memories of favorite television shows I watched growing up.  Then there are those that bring to mind my grandmother Pearl’s humble front porch. It was modest in size and yet our big family clan could sit there talking and laughing together for hours.

The front porch is a lovely place to be any day of the week, or time of day for that matter, but especially on a hot summer’s day to cool down, sip an iced tea or lemonade and hope to catch a breeze.


Southern Living Magazine


Better Homes & Gardens


Southern Living Magazine

How grand! Big enough for an evening stroll perhaps?
Southern Living Magazine

French doors. Oh, yes.




I’m partial to classic Americana front porches.  I can almost hear the wood screen-door snap back to close as guests walk in and out throughout the day.





There always seems to be so much to see from the view of a front porch.



I could fall asleep in all those pillows. Grandma had the same medals chairs in dark blue. They rocked slightly and were much more comfortable than they look.

No matter the style, size or what part of the country you spot them in, there’s just something comforting and easy about the family porch.









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