I Broke The Rules With Gilligan In Mind

Dear Friends,

I’ve gone and done it… 

I’ve broken blogging rules.

I changed my story… changed my tune.

Thankfully, I didn’t change the recipe.

I had a thought.

I remembered.

And so I had to change the old story to share this one.

It’s a true story with…

 The Skipper and his Mate…

the Millionaire and his Wife…

the Movie Star,

The Professor and Mary Ann…

…there on Gilligan’s Isle.


To read about it click>> here… or the title underneath the photo.

It will take just a sec… no tricks.

I just had to leave the new story over at the old recipe and wanted you to know.

But before you get started, grab yourself a cup of Kona because like I said…

…It’s a true story.

Picture 8

Hawaiian Pineapple Cake With Gilligan In Mind



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