Feathering The Nest {PB Style}


Picture 1

Did I mention I had a coupon for Pottery Barn?

Well, it was about to expire so I stopped by.

My favorite spot to hang out is the clearance aisle.

{I ❤ you PB — and your free catalogs, too!}

Picture 2

I wasn’t there two-seconds before I noticed willowy feathers everywhere.

They were tucked in tall vases — casually tossed in giant bowls.

They were amazing.

PB knows their stuff.

Picture 4


Picture 4

Now, I had never seen feathers quite this way before.

So, I was excited and giddy and floated closer to inspect more.

I picked out a hand full and made a lovely bouquet…

… held them close to my chest and glanced down at their price tag.


Not even with a coupon.

So I moped drove home.

Feather 2

Well, my husband…

…he was jostling stuff around in the garage.

He chatted while I watched and that’s when I noticed.

I squinted my eyes and stepped in closer to see.


Picture 6

I had passed by them many times before and never batted an eye.

Not even a blink.

But today

…today was different.

And my heart skipped a beat.

Picture 2

Tucked on a shelf right above his head… feathers… willowy ones, too.

And after he handed them over I thanked him…

…then blew dust off each one and headed for a vase.


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