Grilled Chicken Kabobs With Mango Coconut Glaze & Fresh Pineapple



Chicken Kabobs with Mango Coconut Glaze and Fresh Pineapple

I’m always looking for food inspiration and this tropical twist on the usual chicken barbecue sauce was a delicious change.

My husband does the grilling for our family (although our oldest son is getting pretty good at it, too!).  He prefers to grill meat separate from diced fruits or vegetables so the kabobs cook evenly, versus perfectly grilled chicken and overly charred vegetables. Spices used on the raw meat were kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder and buffalo seasoning for zip. The fresh pineapple chunks, red and yellow peppers and Bermuda onion slices were prepared on separate picks.  Everything went on the flaming grill at the same time, moving the fruit and vegetable skewers to the top rack once they were done, leaving the chicken to cook several minutes longer.

After grilling, we basted the chicken with a tropical Mango Coconut glaze I picked-up at TJ Maxx in the packaged gourmet food aisle.  (Try mixing a new flavored glaze with your regular barbecue sauce for a twist!) Usually we marinate chicken prior to cooking, but with a sweet barbecue sauce like Mango Coconut, it is best to baste afterward or risk burning the meat and the flavorful sauce off.

Another advantage to grilling fruits and vegetables on separate picks is that each person can select their choice of fare. If your family is like mine, a perfectly good vegetable will be cast to the side of a plate.




Asparagus with Citrus and Parmesan

We also prepared asparagus. (I know. But, we did stretch the meal into the next day.) Cook the asparagus al dente, by blanching in boiling water for just a few minutes. Drain and transfer to a lidded container, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, squeeze citrus lemon juice across the top and finish with freshly grated Parmesan. Cover to keep warm and slightly melt the Parmesan until serving. It’s my favorite way to prepare most green vegetables. I think you will like it, too!

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Much joy to you and yours this coming weekend!



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