6 Easy & Delicious Soups {& Why It’s OK To Do Dingy Things}

Picture 1

Old-Fashioned Beef Barley

I must admit… sometimes I do dingy things.

Those who know me well, and still love me, will tell you this is true. They’ve seen it first-hand.

For example, this one evening my family and our friends were sitting around the campfire talking, laughing, telling stories all while stoking the flames for roasting smores after the sun went down.

The warm aroma of soup in a crock pot filled the crisp, autumn air and as we sat in our big circle there was laughter and kids playing tic tac toe toss behind us and we were having so much fun telling stories to one another.


Picture 6

Creamy Pumpkin Butternut Squash

 Well, I had a good one to share next so all eyes were on me which makes me nervous and sometimes I giggle.


Picture 4

Hearty Split Pea & Ham Soup

{Now here is where it gets awkward.}

So, I guess to keep my nerves steady… or to stop myself from revealing the end of the story before the beginning. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me… I adjusted my sunglasses up off my face, rested them on top of my head and began unraveling this great tale to my captivated audience.

Only there was one problem.

I wasn’t wearing sunglasses.

{Insert record scratch here.}

I know, right?



Lemony Chicken Soup

A fact my fellow campers noticed because they are smart. It’s hard to pull anything over on them. Plus they couldn’t believe their eyes.

So they broke out in laughter.


Can’t a girl get a break among friends?


After edit

Senate Bean Soup

Well, of course being jokesters someone had to move imaginary sunglasses up and down his face, which made it even more ridiculous and funny so I started laughing, too.

And the antics were at my expense but I didn’t care because it was peculiar and hysterical…

… and a deep belly laugh felt good.


photo 2

Asian Hot & Sour Noodle Soup


And all was well at the campfire because everyday life can get serious…

…and hanging out with family and friends is a blessing…

…and laughing feels so good to the soul.


I love times like that, don’t you?

So when dingy moments happen to us, let’s enjoy them.

Every. Single. One.

Just throw our heads back and cackle.

Labeled Soups


By the way, to view and print each soup recipe, click on the name below each photo.


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