Fantastic Flea Market Find — Writing Desk Chair



Once a week I hope to share a flea-market find with you.  The hunt through flea-markets, rummage and garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops is so much fun! Do you relish a really good thrift find, too?


I enjoy decorating by mixing older with newer pieces together, and it’s hard to beat the prices of most second-hand furniture.


The chair was at a church rummage sale I stumbled upon one morning while driving down an old dirt road. Of course I snapped it up. Actually, I think I flopped down on it to claim it before anyone else did. Not that there was a line-up or anything. It figured I didn’t have a dime on me either, so I asked this sweet lady to hold it until I returned from the bank. I think I scribbled my name in large letters on a piece of paper and asked her to tape it to the top.


It’s not an antique, but it caught my eye. The olive green, velvet upholstery shows some wear, and that doesn’t bother me. The backrest curves forward with contrasting crewel and trim. I like stuff with a history, even if I’ll never know what that story is.



The back legs curve and give it charm.


It’s being used at small writing desk in a corner of our living room where the bills get paid, mail sorted and messages written sometimes. I thought about painting the legs off-white like I’ve seen designers do in DIY magazines to make old furniture look more modern, but changed my mind.


The green has worked well in the living room until this past winter when I decided to change the wall color from cream to light gray.  One Friday night the mood struck and I whipped up a linen slipcover to go over it. (That’s what happens when it’s too cold to go anywhere.)

I plan to share with you how I made the slipcover right over the chair when my sewing machine was down.  Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to get the job done! Hope to post about that soon.

How about you…. have you found a great second-hand chair that you just had to have?





  1. sage_brush says:

    My favorite find is a 1940’s sewing chest which sits on the floor. It expands as it opens into different compartments, and is solid, beautiful, burled maple. And even better – it was chock full of the previous owner’s sewing notions. Including some exquisite ribbons that you could never find nowadays. I use it to hold all my embroidery and hand sewing things.

    And I second the opinion that you not refinish or paint the legs.


    • Sounds like a beautiful chest! I’ve seen burled maple before and it’s stunning AND heavy. You found a treasure for sure — 1940s, woot woot! Thank you for sharing. Oh, and I agree, I won’t paint the legs. 🙂


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